Josh Terry
Hometown: Canton, Georgia
Campus involvement: IAC Ambassadors, CM Ambassadors VP, Human Factors and Aging Lab, Augmented Environments Lab, Delta Upsilon Fraternity

In fifty words or less, describe yourself.

I’m a hard-working student who loves to create. I’ve got a passion for the arts, the outdoors, and traveling. Also my dog is the best and you can’t tell me otherwise.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your studies as a CM major?

Made video games for the Gameboy advance, modeled and animated in a digital 3d environment using Maya, gotten so into photography that I opted to create a 40+ page tutorial guide on it for a class, mocked up countless mobile apps, and learned the ropes of the games industry through a co-op at [Adult Swim] games.

What are your professional goals?

In the long run, I would like to find myself at the head of a digital media studio, be it centered on games, film, television, or other media. All in all, I want to do what I love, love what I do, and be able to travel on a whim if I so desire. We’ll see how that works out for me.

In one sentence, explain why students should choose the CM major.

Because this major is the bomb dot com and we’re artsy kids who code, coders who are into art, and everything in between.