DJ Baker
Hometown: Warner Robins, Georgia
Campus involvement: WREK radio, Gamers’ Guild, Sci-Fi Lab podcast, Undergrad Research

In fifty words or less, describe yourself.

I am a reader, writer, artist, animator, and musical (be it theatre, opera, movie, or other) enthusiast. I like learning new things, and I am more than willing to explain everything I know to anyone who asks.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your studies as a CM major?

Thanks to my connections in the Sci-Fi lab, I was able to become an undergrad researcher for Professor Lisa Yaszek, and design the companion website to the anthology she is editing about influential women in science fiction history for the Library of America.

What are your professional goals?

I want to be an animator at either Dreamworks or Pixar, and have a successful webcomic.

In one sentence, explain why students should choose the CM major.

CM is the best major for people with artistic flair, or people who choose the art major at a tech school out of spite.