Adam Le Doux

Adam_Le_DouxName: Adam Le Doux
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Campus involvement: Emergent Game Group, Entertainment Software Producers, Computational Media Ambassadors

In fifty words or less, describe yourself.

I like making miniature places you can visit – snow globe or bonsai worlds – on your computer. When my nose isn’t making smudge marks on a laptop screen, I like to read, write, draw, or play accordion. I’ll talk indefinitely about Douglas Adams, Studio Ghibli, or The Legend of Zelda.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your studies as a CM major?

Last semester I got a President’s Undergraduate Research Award in order to work on a virtual marine ecosystem. It was fun and educational to talk to marine biologists at Tech while I did research for the project, and it was extremely satisfying to go from an empty world to a 3D ecosystem with competing plants, fish, and singing whales.

What are your professional goals?

I want to make cool things with awesome people, and maybe get paid for it too.

In one sentence, explain why students should choose the CM major.

Computational Media is for people who want to erase the dividing line between art and technology; it will teach you to use the computer as your canvas.