Liam Oweida
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Campus involvement: Former PLUS Leader for Integral Calculus

In fifty words or less, describe yourself.

I’m a guy that walks around looking up at the clouds because that seems to be where my head usually is, and I try my best to turn the dreamy ideas I find there into reality. I’m an artist at heart, and I let my heart take my art wherever it leads me.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your studies as a CM major?

As of now, this project is probably the coolest thing I’ve done. Being able to create a complete experience on my own (the music, art, and animation) was not only unbelievably gratifying to do for myself, but apparently a lot of other people really enjoy it too! As far as personal projects, recording my first album entirely on my own was an amazing experience.

What are your professional goals?

My dream job would be to work at Pixar Animation Studios as an animator. Apart from that, I would love to own my own film studio one day to be in charge of creating the entire experience: script, animation, and music.

In one sentence, explain why students should choose the CM major.

If you have a lot of creative energy and a desire to express yourself across seeming limitless platforms/mediums, then CM is the perfect place to harness that energy to bring your creative imaginations to life through the amazing capabilities of technology.