Ali Foreman
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Campus involvement: WREK 91.1 Radio, Mock Trial, CM Ambassadors, Geekapalooza Stand-up Comedy, PS Program

In fifty words or less, describe yourself.

Ali Foreman is an outgoing, music loving, athletic, animal lover who spends her spare time watching movies and performing standup comedy. No joke.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your studies as a CM major?

Working with the CM Department has given me a ton of amazing opportunities on campus—but my favorite experience so far actually happened in my hometown. After interviewing and explaining over and over what a “CM major” was, I landed an internship with CBS News in Washington, D.C. I got a chance to visit Capitol Hill, interview a Washington Redskins football player, and see firsthand how White House correspondents operate on a daily basis. My knowledge of research, data visualization, and media played a huge role in getting me the internship and definitely helped me on the job!

What are your professional goals?

I aspire to work in broadcasting, using my knowledge of computing and communication to improve information availability and efficiency for mass media.

In one sentence, explain why students should choose the CM major.

All the fun of liberal arts, all the benefits of computing, and only half the calories!