Summer Study Abroad

CM students may choose to participate in any of Georgia Tech’s summer study abroad programs, but the most popular destinations is Barcelona, Spain, where students can take CS courses in a city known for architectural design.

CM students have traditionally participated in the Barcelona Summer Study Abroad program, to complete requirements for the CS side of the degree. This 10-week program offers CS courses as well as classes in Architecture and Spanish.

Semester-long Programs

Georgia Tech undergraduate students may choose to stay a semester or a year in Denmark, Sweden, or any of Georgia Tech`s other study abroad options.

CM majors may participate in the Copenhagen Program–LMC`s newest exchange program with the Copenhagen Institute of Technology. Based in Denmark`s dynamic capital, this exchange exposes students to a variety of classes in Digital Media and Design in a semester-long or year-long stay. All courses are taught in English and may satisfy the requirements of the LMC and CS threads.

Students may also participate in a more humanities-oriented program at the Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden. BTH offers a variety of classes, in English, modeled on LMC`s studio and media studies courses. Classes apply directly to the LMC requirements for the STAC or CM degree. In Southeastern Sweden, Karlskrona features a mild climate with temperatures about five degrees cooler than Atlanta in the winter. It is a short train ride to Copenhagen and cheap flights to other European destinations. More information about the Blekinge Tekniska Hogskola Program can be found here.

International Plan

CM majors may choose to participate in the International Plan.  To earn the IP designation on their diploma, students must complete 9 hours of internationally-themed coursework, complete language classes to the 2002 level, and study or work abroad for a total of 26 weeks. This elite program prepares students to be more effective global citizens.